Transforming Teams

Our Six-Step Team

Transformation Framework

We are proud to share with you our unique six-step team transformation framework. Designed to build trust, enhance team self-knowledge and create alignment, it activates the power of your team’s collective intelligence and shows you how to co-create your organisation’s future.

1. Self & Team


Awareness about the unique gifts you bring and how they contribute to your team’s collective intelligence is the first step for enhancing your performance. We deepen your knowledge of your own behavioural preferences, strengths and emotional patterns. We also show you how your skills fit into the bigger team picture.

2. Catalytic


The art of flexing and adapting our communication styles allows us to connect much more effectively with others.  We show you how to render your conversations clearer, crisper, emotionally smarter, more agile and more productive for the benefit of everyone in the team.

3. Psychological


Psychological safety is essential for creating a culture committed to constant learning and growth. Environments in which we can truly thrive rest on showing vulnerability and building trust, on developing resilience and collective strategies to learn from our mistakes. Mistakes can be our most powerful teachers, and become powerful opportunities for growth. But only if we have the courage and the culture that allows us to analyse them.

4. Courage,

Challenge & Change

Sometimes challenging conversations need to be held. We show you and your team how to do so with confidence and courage. You will learn how to share thoughts openly and honestly so that these passionate debates become productive. Creating a speaking-up culture fosters commitment and generates more innovation and creative solutions to our challenges.

5. Cognitive


A truly high-functioning team is made up of people with complementary skills, life experiences and personality types. Cultures that are built on sameness tend to have major blindspots and risk becoming echo-chambers. The more openly organisations consider different perspectives in their decision-making processes, the more rounded and robust their strategies become. We show you how to activate the powers of a cognitively diverse team.

6. Accountability

At the end of your change journey, we look again at your team’s values and purpose, and help you to co-create a strong strategy. We show you how to commit to aligned action and how to hold each other accountable to your shared goals. Looking into the future, we create a roadmap for capitalizing on your learnings and insights.

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