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 Anna Schaffner, PhD, Performance Catalyst Coach

What is Performance Catalyst coaching?

Our one-to-one executive coaching uses skilful analytic listening and exploratory questions to dramatically raise your self-understanding. We all have blind spots and specific ways of thinking about ourselves and the world which may not always be productive. Coaching challenges your habitual self-stories with a compassionate outside perspective that helps you to see your challenges from a different angle. By encouraging you to order and crystalise your thoughts, it provides valuable clarity.

Coaching maximises your capacity to find creative new solutions to your most pressing challenges. It generates lasting mindset shifts, produces actionable insights and helps you to align your actions with your deepest values. Future-oriented, coaching sharpens your self-knowledge and shows you how to translate this new understanding into concrete actions and behaviours. We help you build these vital bridges between insight and action.

Why should you invest in leadership coaching?


Smart companies facilitate the personal and professional development of their key staff. They understand that they depend on the engagement, creativity and productivity of their teams, as these drive the success of their organisations. Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to progress effective leadership skills. It enables key talent to make wiser and more confident leadership decisions. Coaching provides existing or aspiring leaders with precious personal support in their leadership development journeys. High challenge needs high support. In essence, coaching is a particularly potent way of tailor-made learning.

Coaching empowers people to better lead, support and inspire their teams. For only self-aware leaders can be great leaders. They are more effective communicators. They know their own blind spots and also their own strengths and how to maximise them. They act less to bolster their own egos but seek to do what is right for the company. They waste far less energies on inner psychological battles, and are able to project this energy outwards – to their projects and teams.

Nick Phillis, Performance Catalyst Executive Coach


Will Jefferson, Performance Catalyst Founder and Mentor

What is Performance Catalyst mentoring?

Mentoring involves more structured guidance than coaching. It draws on specific expertise and knowledge whilst also seeking to motivate and empower the mentee. We mentor individuals in the fields of sport and business. Due to his own experience of moving from cricket to creating a highly successful business, Will is specifically drawn to people going through career-transitions.

Our identity is often closely intertwined with our career. Changing  direction requires resilience, courage and a clear vision. We help you to identify and develop your key transferable skills and explore practical ways to prepare you to take the next steps with confidence and clarity.

Leadership Coaching

We also offer a leadership-skills coaching programme. Awareness about the unique leadership gifts you bring is the first step for enhancing your performance. We deepen your understanding of your natural behavioural preferences, strengths and emotional patterns, resulting in increased resourcefulness and productivity levels.

Next, we initiate you into the art of catalytic communication. The ability to flex and adapt your communication style will allow you to connect much more effectively with your team and enables you to create a truly inclusive culture. We show you how to render your conversations clearer, emotionally smarter and more agile.

Equally important is the ability to create psychologically safe environments. They are the prerequisite for trust-based cultures committed to constant learning and growth. We also show you how to create alignment in your team and navigate team conflict and difficult situations with confidence and courage. You learn how to share thoughts openly and honestly so that conflict becomes productive. 

For more on our leadership coaching programme, please click here.

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