We are a team of four passionate and experienced coaches and facilitators with a wide network of associated coaches and inspirational speakers. We are driven by a desire to make a real difference for our clients. We work across different industries (sport, business, education) and with businesses of different size, ranging from individuals to global organisations. Our mission is to unearth and activate untapped organisational potential. We do not simply pass on knowledge, but deliver actionable insights that generate real and sustainable change.

Will Jefferson

Lindi Smit

Nick Phillis

Dr Anna Schaffner

Will Jefferson


Will Jefferson is the Founder of Performance Catalyst Ltd. After having served 12 years as a professional sportsman, playing both County and International cricket, Will transitioned into the business world as a successful business and sport consultant. Will has a plethora of skills that are founded on his background in professional sport and experience in business as well as his life-long passion for the psychology of human performance. Equally competent working one-to-one and with larger groups, Will’s thoughtful and empathetic approach combines his powerful ability truly to connect with people and to share his deep personal insights into the art and science of excellence.

Will has a wealth of experiences that include running executive leadership workshops for the Sainsburys Grocery team, British Athletics, Taylor Made Golf and HSBC Global Tax and Treasury teams. He works in the UK as well as globally. In 2019 he worked with HSBC leaders and their teams in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai. Will has extensive experience with being in and working with high-performing teams in professional sports and the world of business. Sharing his experiences and knowledge he can empower you and your teams to maximize their potential and current level of performance so that you achieve more for your business.


Lindi Smit


Lindi’s previous career as team physiotherapist and as an athlete representing South Africa in Netball provided her with a deep personal understanding of how teams function both from a management and a player perspective. She regularly accompanied sports teams to international tournaments as well as supported elite individual athletes, physically and mentally, whilst preparing for international competitions. This experience, as well as 12 years as a Sport and Health Coordinator and 6 years as a Deputy Housemistress in an educational setting, has given her valuable insights about the inner workings of high-performing teams and leadership.

Lindi believes that we are stronger together and that the force of a truly high-performing team is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. She helps individuals to understand, appreciate and enhance their unique strengths as an Insights Discovery Licenced Practitioner.

Now a director at Performance Catalyst, she combines these learnings and experiences to help other teams to connect, communicate, gain clarity and align to truly maximise performance.


Nick Phillis

Executive Coach

As a qualified executive coach, Nick has a proven track record of helping people realise their potential whether in business, law, education, sport or their personal lives. From executives with global responsibility for over 50,000 people, to new CEOs taking on the challenge of leadership, to partners in law firms, those pursuing a career in professional sport or founders of fintech companies, his coaching has the power to transform performance, increase focus, unlock potential and improve leadership.

As coaching progresses people are empowered to be more successfull and have a better understanding of what they want out of life. With an outstanding reputation as an excellent listener, and as a qualified practitioner of The Thinking Environment, Nick creates the conditions for people to generate their finest thinking, transforming theirs and others’ performance at work and in doing so enhancing their personal lives.Accredited to deliver an emotional intelligence psychometric, and improve EQ, Nick understands the importance of this quality in every aspect of life.

Nick is the creator of The Three Pillars®, a powerful workshop delivered to multi-national companies that increases self-awareness and self-knowledge, building confidence and harnessing individuals’ and teams’ potential.

A keen sportsman, he represented Oxford University at athletics, was involved in hockey at a national level and enjoys golf. He helped found a charity that educated Afghan refugee girls on the Afghan/Pakistan border, is a school governor and enjoys travelling throughout Southern Africa.

Dr Anna Schaffner

Coach, Writer, Researcher

Anna is a writer and a Professor of Cultural History at the University of Kent. She has published fiction, journalism and academic works. All her life, Anna has also been deeply interested in psychology and the art of self-improvement. It is for that reason that she trained as a coach. 

Both as a coach and a writer, Anna is passionate about helping others better to understand themselves and to take positive action.  Anna helps you to deepen your self-knowledge and to work on your values and character strengths. In her coaching practice, she combines state-of-the-art and science-based coaching techniques with tried-and-tested ancient wisdom. For new is not always better. Sometimes, it is the ancient models that hold the key to our most urgent present-day problems.

In her latest book, The Art of Self-Improvement: Ten Timeless Truths, Anna shares ten timeless truths about the art of self-improvement that stay the same across time and space. Anna has a particular interest in exhaustion, stress and burnout, as well as in building wellbeing-focused workplaces.

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