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Do you have genuinely talented individuals in your team but feel that it has not yet reached its full potential? Could your team work more smartly together? Do you want to learn how really to benefit from your team members’ diverse strengths and skills? If you are curious about what a truly aligned, high-performing team is capable of, get in touch.

We can show you how to activate your team’s collective super-power. Perfectly aligned teams are capable of so much more than the mere sum of their parts. We transform your people, your people transform your organisation.

What have we been up to recently?

Canterbury Insights Event Success

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to making our Canterbury Insights Event such a huge success!
Albane Brand Photography for capturing these valuable conversations so beautifully
Modus Film Productions for the wonderfully authentic video clip (coming soon!)
The Cosy Club and Tom Clark for being super hosts for the event
Jolindi Jefferson who shared Insights Discovery with the audience in such an impactful way
And most importantly, to all those who joined us on this Insights Discovery Journey, contributed to the discussions, added to the hivemind and gave generously of their thoughts and expertise.
We loved sharing the day with you all!

Samantha Murray Masterclass

Performance Catalyst has been working in partnership with long term Magna Vitea with quarterly virtual Masterclass workshops on each of their four core values.

Magna Vitae’s organisational values are:

‘In This Together’, ‘Always Learning’, ‘Celebrating Differences’ and ‘Embracing Change’

Performance Catalyst Associate, Samantha Murray, led our final Masterclass workshop in the series on ‘Embracing Change’.

Sam shared her powerful story of winning the Modern Pentathlon Olympic Silver Medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games, sharing her journey – the ups and the downs – to becoming World Champion 18 months later.

A thought provoking workshop which left the audience with plenty to reflect on in their own lives, as well as practical tips and tools to help them in their day-to-day work.

Modus film productions & Insights Discovery

Thank you Modus film productions for a fantastic afternoon of colourful insights, team building and self-discovery.

We were fascinated by how quickly and effortlessly you applied the Insights model to practical examples in your workplace.

Such a joy to be part of your team for the afternoon – thank you. We look forward to see where you go from here!

Insights Discovery Workshop

We loved running an Insights Discovery workshop for 50 participants recently. Lots of laughter, meaningful conversations and everyone moving another step forward on their Insights Discovery journey!

Oundle School

Another memorable visit to Oundle School last week working with both the sports pupils and the staff sports department.
It was great to see how willing they are to put difficult questions on the table and to collaborate between pupils and staff to find solutions.
They allowed everyone a place and a voice to discuss and contribute to helping find ways for moving sport forward at the school.

Workshop with Will

“Will discussed topics in a direct and engaging way. The way he held the sessions was also dynamic and allowed us to apply what we were discussing as well as giving us opportunities to reflect on what we discussed.” Deloitte Participant

Masterclass with Anna

What’s so great about cognitive diversity? PC coach, Anna Katharina Schaffner presented a masterclass for Magna Vitae on how cognitive diversity can help teams to thrive and flourish, especially in times of uncertainty.
Differences in perspectives, thinking styles and experiences in teams can generate a powerful form of collective intelligence that is much larger than the sum of its parts.

Liberating Leadership Accreditation

We are delighted to share that Jolindi Jefferson successfully completed the Liberating Leadership Accreditation.
Well done Lindi, it’s great to have you on the team of Liberated Leaders and we look forward to you joining us in sharing these learnings with our clients soon.

The Executives’ Association of Great Britain (EAGB)

Will recently had the privilege to speak at The Executives’ Association of Great Britain (EAGB), the UK’s oldest and most established networking event for Executives.
He spoke about the transferable skills between sport and business and told stories from his playing career to bring some of the most important lessons to life.

Workshop with Alexander Campbell

Alexander Campbell, Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet and Performance Catalyst Associate, delivered a workshop for one of our clients and what great feedback he received!
“What a genuine guy. A great workshop, extremely thought provoking and enabled me to perch and have a small reset. Truly inspiring”.

Thank you Alexander Campbell for delivering such an excellent workshop!

Performance Catalyst associate, @Sam Elly, has been supporting a cohort of West London Waste Authority (WLWA) employees towards gaining their Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).
He has been delivering this work over the last four months and is looking forward to helping the learners get over the finish line soon. We can’t wait to hear more about how this programme changed mindsets and increased their resourcefulness.

Thank you Ivors Academy for a fantastic Insights Discovery Workshop!

It was an absolute joy to support the start of your Insights journey.

One-word check-out’s after the workshop:

– Inquisitive
– Educated
– Implement
– Interesting
– Intrigued

Through a targeted Q&A session with Lindi and by taking questions from the audience, Matt shares stories from his extensive experience in high-pressured, high-stakes situations, conveying insightful lessons he learnt whilst building dominant teams. In his calm, confident and uniquely empathic manner, Matt will challenge audience members’ thinking, evoke mindset changes, provide concrete examples and share inspiring personal stories of his impact on boosting people’s resilience. In the toughest of team sports, Matt has a way with people that undoubtedly brings out the best in them.

Thank you Ali Stewart for the opportunity to be part of the recent Liberating Leadership Accreditation.

This Liberating Leadership Course, which is underpinned by extensive research into what actually works, touched on various tools that can be implemented to be a more effective leader.

We look forward to continue to implement these learnings in our Performance Catalyst team as well as sharing it with our clients.

“Performance Catalyst was different to all the other consultants we spoke with. Fundamentally, they listened and were keen to understand us – as a team and as an organisation; what we had been through, where we were in
that moment in time and what we thought we needed to do. It was only after having listened to us did they propose the next steps.” Aeneas Richardson, Executive Director, Magna Vitae

Performance Catalyst has a 6 step Transformation Framework which is designed to build trust, enhance team & self-knowledge and create alignment. We help you activate the power of your team’s collective intelligence and together, we co-create your organisation’s future.

Although we have a framework as a guide, it is critical for us to listen and understand our clients to ensure we bespoke our engagement with you entirely.

“Insights gave us something we could not have otherwise accessed. The power from the team graphic was phenomenal. It created talking points, a shared language and encouraged openness and curiosity. Because it’s been immensely valuable, we’ve extended its use initially to our middle managers and, ultimately, across our entire permanently contracted workforce.” Aeneas Richardson, Executive Director, Magna Vitae

“Sometimes we can be preoccupied with our own debilitating inner voice; relentlessly self-critical, it drowns out many good things in our lives. Because our energy is expended internally, we do not have nearly as much to give others as we would like. Our resources are consumed in the endless battle between that critical inner voice and the wiser parts of our personalities.”
The Art Of Self-Improvement: Ten Timeless Truths, Anna Katharina Schaffner

Do you frequently feel as though you are functioning at a level far below your natural potential?
If this resonates with you, and you would like to explore how coaching can help you, get in touch with


Performance Catalyst is excited to partner with the wonderful @booholmes, @jonbacon, @janrees and @theolandey from Speak The Speech to deliver a workshop on ‘Difficult Conversations’.
In this highly energised and interactive workshop we will discuss the value of conflict, its pitfalls and the best ways to manage it. Participants will explore how to properly plan for difficult conversations as well as casual ones, and how to authentically engage in awkward, tricky or uncomfortable moments in a strategic positive way. They will learn what factors to consider when in the heat of a conflict and how to handle the aftermath appropriately.
No doubt that this will be a high energy session that, as well as being informative, will also be great fun!


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